Fusiform Aneurysm

Intracranial aneurysms are dilations of the vascular wall. They can be subdivided according to morphology. Fusiform aneurysms are ovoid and elongated, while saccular ones are circumscribed, and spherical. Fusiform aneurysms are less... Read more »

Acute Ischemic Stroke CT

Answer: D. Acute Infarct. This is an acute embolic non-hemorrhagic right middle cerebral artery infarct visible on CT. There is a hyperdense right middle cerebral artery with subtle loss of grey white differentiation... Read more »

Semicircular Canal Dehiscence

There are three semicircular canals – superior, lateral and posterior. The semicircular canals are integral to maintaining balance and equilibrium with changes in body and head position. Dehiscence of the superior semicircular... Read more »
Dense MCA sign in R hemisphere

Early Signs of Stroke on CT

Despite its poor sensitivity for detecting embolic strokes, head CT scan remains the initial imaging modality in the work up of suspected acute stroke. The rationale is to initially rule out hemorrhagic... Read more »