USMLE tutoring for neuro

This is a 1-hour small-group tutoring session for neuro topics that are covered on USMLE step 1. There can be up to 5 students per session, and the session will be conducted over Google Hangouts.

The session is taught by Naoum Issa, MD, PhD, an award-winning neurobiology professor and author.

Each session will cover a variety of topics, and it is anticipated that four sessions will cover the bulk of the neuro topics included in the USMLE step 1 exam.

Each session costs $28.50 per student. Additional sessions will be added when currently available time slots are filled.

To register, start by selecting the date and time that works for you on the calendar below.

If you have a group of 4 or 5 students who would like to meet at a specific time or if you have questions about the course feel free to send emails to:

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About the Author: Naoum P. Issa MD PhD