How to prepare for the neurology board exam

Whether you’re taking the initial certification or a maintenance of certification neurology exam there are several good ways to prepare. Three complementary routes are available. 1. Lecture-based course. These can be either... Read more »

USMLE tutoring for neuro

This is a 1-hour small-group tutoring session for neuro topics that are covered on USMLE step 1. There can be up to 5 students per session, and the session will be conducted... Read more »

Neurology salary comparison

Salary data is always interesting, especially when your salary is somewhere in the mix. Reviewing the 2012 salary survey report from the MGMA, it’s interesting to see how the various neuro-related specialties... Read more »

Chat with MS practice expert – Dr. Anthony Reder

Multiple Sclerosis expert Dr. Anthony Reder from the University of Chicago Department of neurology is interviewed by Dr. Rui Guan on topics in MS of interest to neurologists and general practitioners alike. Read more »