Stroke in APLS

Antiphospholipid syndrome (APLS; Hughes Syndrome) produces a hypercoagulable state that can predispose to ischemic strokes as well as other thrombotic events.  Read more »

Watershed Infarct

The anterior middle and posterior cerebral arteries supply the majority of the cerebral cortex. However, thin regions of brain at the junction of these vascular territories are relatively under supplied by blood... Read more »

Anterior Cerebral Artery Territory Infarct

The anterior cerebral artery (ACA) consists of 3 major segments, designated A1-A5 . The A1 segment extends from the middle cerebral artery to the anterior communicating artery (a small artery connecting the... Read more »

Acute Ischemic Stroke CT

Answer: D. Acute Infarct. This is an acute embolic non-hemorrhagic right middle cerebral artery infarct visible on CT. There is a hyperdense right middle cerebral artery with subtle loss of grey white differentiation... Read more »