EEG Milestones

Designed to help residents prepare for EEG ABPN milestones, the quiz covers all 5 levels of competency. Residency programs interested in using this for teaching or assessment should contact Read more »

Interview with Dr. John Ebersole

We are honored to present an interview with the world-renowned epileptologist Dr. John Ebersole on the occasion of his retirement from the University of Chicago.  Read more »
14-and-6 Hz positive bursts

Benign EEG Variants

There are many variants on EEG that are considered normal and yet might be confused with epileptiform activity. These variants are often found in only certain subpopulations: either young or old patients... Read more »
Stage 1 sleep EEG

Non-REM sleep on EEG

Sleep stages can be identified by the appearance of characteristic electrical patterns on EEG. Sleep can initially be broken down into REM-sleep and non-REM sleep, with further parcelization of non-REM sleep into... Read more »