How to prepare for the neurology board exam

Whether you’re taking the initial certification or a maintenance of certification neurology exam there are several good ways to prepare.

Three complementary routes are available.

1. Lecture-based course. These can be either live or online courses, taught by well-respected academic neurologists.

The Oakstone Comprehensive Neurology Review contains 44 lectures (43 CME credits) and consists of both audio and video with slides. This is the classic didactic lecture-based review of neurology materials. Lectures are designed to cover all the major subspecialties tested on the board exam.

2. Audio-based course. These pre-recorded audio courses are perfect for recapturing travel time.

The Audio-Digest Neurology Review is the top shelf neurology board review audio course. Available as a digital download, and for those of who still have a CD player in the car but not an MP3 player, the course is also available on CD. The course consists of 33 hours of lecture (with 33 CME credits).

3. Question banks. While reviewing core neurology material is a necessary step, ultimately only a small portion of the material makes it onto the board exam. Question banks are an excellent way to focus on just the highest yield material.

The BoardVitals Neurology question bank uses the same approach as USMLE step 1 online question banks. It has over 1,800 questions with detailed answers.

Residents rely on the less expensive, but still pretty good, option of the traditional book. Comprehensive Review in Clinical Neurology: A Multiple Choice Book for the Wards and Boards does a good job of focusing on the highest yield material.

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About the Author: Naoum P. Issa MD PhD