corpus callosum mri

Corpus Callosum Agenesis

In this case, images show a congenital malformation in which the corpus callosum, which connects the left and right cerebral hemispheres, failed to develop. While this abnormality is rare, there are many... Read more »


Neurosarcoidosis is defined as neuronal, either central or peripheral, involvement of sarcoidosis. About 10% of patients with systematic sarcoidosis have significant neurological deficits as a result of granulomatous lesions, but subclinical disease... Read more »

Criteria to Give tPA for Stroke

tPA for ischemic stroke was first approved in 1996 based on the result of two NINDS studies that compared outcomes of placebo or IV tPA given in the first 3 hours of... Read more »
Dense MCA sign in R hemisphere

Early Signs of Stroke on CT

Despite its poor sensitivity for detecting embolic strokes, head CT scan remains the initial imaging modality in the work up of suspected acute stroke. The rationale is to initially rule out hemorrhagic... Read more »

Brain MRI Spectroscopy

What is brain MR spectroscopy used for? MR spectroscopy gives a chemical profile of a region of brain. This is useful in differentiating normal brain tissue from tumor, regions with ischemia, or... Read more »