Neuroimaging Milestones

This tool is designed to help residents assess themselves and prepare for the ABPN milestone of Neuroimaging.

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Level 1

  • Identifies basic neuroanatomy on brain magnetic resonance (MR) and computerized tomography (CT)

Level 2

  • Recognizes emergent imaging findings on brain MR and CT
  • Identifies basic neuroanatomy on spine MR and CT 
  • Identifies major vascular anatomy on angiography

Level 3

  • Describes abnormalities of the brain and spine on MR and CT 
  • Identifies major abnormalities on angiography

Level 4

  • Interprets MR and CT neuroimaging of brain and spine

Level 5

  • Identifies subtle abnormalities on angiography
  • Interprets carotid and transcranial ultrasound 

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About the Author: Naoum P. Issa MD PhD